• Product catalog for IEK company

    A large web application based on Next.js, responsible for rendering the product catalog. The most highly loaded project among those that I have developed.

    • More than 30,000 product cards;
    • More than 25,000 unique users daily;
    • Display information in 3 languages;
    • 3 design themes;
    • Used on 5 company websites.

    I am responsible for the frontend on the project. You can watch at:

  • Product test results database

    The interface is written on mock data.

    A service for conveniently saving, editing and viewing information and testing products for compliance with GOST and TU standards.

    • Access to the application is only for authorized users;
    • A complex form for creating a Test Sheet that creates entities in a cascade;
    • Several forms of reports generated on the client side;
    • Caching data to prevent loss of partially completed forms;
    • Frontend: Next.js, Backend: directus, Additionally: Redux

    I am responsible for backend and frontend on the project. Access to the project is limited, but I am ready to demonstrate its functionality and code in person.